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Dog Kennel Design Considerations

As a member of your family, your dog should have a comfortable and functional kennel beside your home to keep them safe and secure. The design of this kennel depends on the size of your dog and the weather conditions where you and your dog live. Ideally, your dog should have a kennel with separate […]

Benefits Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Cat

You’ve probably heard blurbs on the TV or radio advising you to spay or neuter your pet to help control the amount of homeless pets. However, did you know that there are also several other benefits to having your cat spayed or neutered? Learn more about how spaying or neutering your cat can benefit the […]

Don’t Ignore Mats In Your Cat’s Coat

Do you notice hard clumps of tangled fur when you pet your long-haired cat? These are known as mats, and although they might seem pretty innocuous, they can actually cause quite a bit of discomfort for your kitty. Left untreated, they can even lead to skin irritation, excessive itching, and open wounds. If your kitty […]

Did You Know Your Pet Was Sick?

Pet ownership is prevalent in Canada as there are many families that own a dog and/or a cat. While it’s often said that these animals help their owner live a happier life, they are living beings that themselves need to be provided with a certain level of care. Just like human beings, pets are affected by […]